ESCO Spirit

ESCO Spirit(A Code of Conduct for ESCO Engineers)

ESCO Consultant and Engineers Company;
As a company that strives ‘to serve society with engineering technology’,
We think creatively, pursue an appropriate process and authentic result,
and are dedicated to the development of human society.

I, a member of ESCO Consultant and Engineers Company,
agree and respect the founding philosophy of the company and
endeavor to achieve it with all my heart.
  • 1. Work enthusiastically always with joyful heart
  • 1. Pursue innovation constantly
  • 1. Cooperate together to create a sense of well being
  • 1. Provide the best solution for the given conditions
  • 1. Produce flawless design outputs
  • 1. Pursue an appropriate and ethical success
  • 1. Be humble and share fruits with others
We declare this ‘ESCO Spirit’ on the occasion of the 20th anniversary
of the establishment of the company, 9th September 2016.