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Profiles of ESCO

ESCO, a specialist group of
civil and geotechnical engineers

for the development of underground space, ground improvement and foundation engineering is resourceful, readily available and
highly equipped to work for any potential clients. ESCO has been providing total engineering services from planning to operations
in relation to the type of projects within its special sphere of competence as mentioned above. Some prime clients of ESCO include
world renowned companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, SK, Daelim, Ssangyong, GS, POSCO and KEPCO, etc.

ESCO has enormous experience in characterizing the subsurface geological conditions, ranging from clays to hard rocks. ESCOengineers are particularly qualified in classifying the geological and geotechnical information for the design of underground space. They are also adept in providing appropriate construction methods, support systems, execution sequences, drawings and
specifications. Furthermore, all our engineers are extremely familiar with commercially available software; many different types
of numerical verifications can be provided at any given time with a competent degree of accuracy. ESCO is very proud of its
competitiveness in its sphere of competence, consistently providing technically compatible, cost-effective and sound engineering
solutions since its establishment. Subsequently, ESCO was designated as “The Korean Brain Power (K-Brain Power)”
by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (Government of Korea) in 2014. ESCO is currently carrying out the Government Grant
R&D Projects amounting to USD 2.6 million.

ESCO engineering services include: feasibility studies, preliminary and detail design, as well as construction supervision
for underground structures (tunnels, caverns, underground stations and shafts) for technically demanding issues in underground
construction. The broad spectrum of ESCO services that have been provided for over two decades can be grouped as:
Bored, mined and cut-and-cover tunnels (roads, railways, subways);
Undersea and underwater tunnels;
Land reclamation and ground improvements and