About CEO

Dr. Eng. Asian Institute of Technology (AIT, 1991)
President/CEO, ESCO Consultant and Engineers Company, ROK
Senior Member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK)
Past President, The Korean Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (KTA)

Past Vice-Presidents of KSCE, KTA and KGS
The Korean Society of Civil Engineers (KSCE)
The Korean Geotechnical Society (KGS)
APEC Engineer
Professional Engineer (Soils and Foundation Engr.), ROK
Dr. Kim, the founding president and CEO of ESCO Consultant & Engineers Company in Korea since 1996, is a senior member
of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea (NAEK) and was also the past president of the Korean Tunnelling and
Underground Space Association (KTA). Dr. Kim's main expertise includes over 38 years in underground space development
(subways, tunnels, caverns, etc.) and soft ground improvement. His outstanding performance was recognized by the Korean
Government with “The Industrial Service Medal” and “The Silver Tower”, the Order of Industrial Service Merit.

He has published more than thirty technical papers, a few of which are cited below:
I. Towhata and Kim S.R. (1990), Undrained Strength of Underconsolidated Clays and Its Application to Stability Analysis of Submarine
Slopes under Rapid Sedimentation, Soils and Foundations, Vol.30 No.1
Kim S.R., Seah T.H., Balasubramaniam A.S. (1994), Formulation of Stress-Strain Behaviour, Inside the State Boundary Surface,
13th ICSMFE, Delhi, Vol.1, PP. 51-56
Kim S.R., Lin D.G., Bergado, D.T. and Balasubramaniam, A.S. (1997). Critical State Models and Their Comparison with Triaxial Behaviour
of Soft Bangkok Clay, Geotechnical Engineering Journal, Vol. 28. No. 2-2, pp. 209-248
Kim S.R., Koh K.H., and Park C.M. (2004), Experience from the Performance of Ground Improvement in Thick Marine Clay Deposit,
Keynote Lecture, Proceedings of the IS-Osaka2004, Japan, pp. 607-621
Kim S.R.(2012), Use of Underground Space in Seoul and its Foreseeable Future, Keynote Lecture, Proceedings of the World Tunnel
Congress 2012 (WTC2012), Bangkok, Thailand, pp. 14-34