PROJECTRailway tunnels

Railway tunnels

Railway tunnelsGwangju Songjeong ~ Suncheon Single Track Railway (C4)
Category T/K basic design
Client Korea National Railway
Contractor KUMHO E&C
Period 2023.09.11.~2024.04.19
Project Information


  • Location

Deungnyang-myeon ~ Beolgyo-eup, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do

  •  Description
    • Total L=20,263m
    • Tunnel L=10,869m (Samjeong 2 Tunnel L=7,299m, Sinwol Tunnel L=3,570m)
    • 3 Inclined Tunnels (#1 Inclined Tunnel L=482m, #2 Inclined Tunnel L=400m, #3 Inclined Tunnel L=435m)



  • Technical Issue              
    • Invert installation throughout the tunnel to prevent the tunnel floor from rising. 
    • Installation of the shortest straight inclined tunnel to improve constructability and convenience of maintenance.
    • Installation of a smart smoke control system and rescue platform to improve long tunnel evacuation performance.

    • Establishment of a one-way tunnel excavation plan to prevent civil complaints from nearby villages.
    • Establishment of a 5-step grouting plan to improve tunnel stability in a large-scale fault zone(F2).