PROJECTRailway tunnels

Railway tunnels

Railway tunnelsGyeongbu High Speed Railway (Deajeon North Connection) (C2)
Category T/K Basic & Detailed design
Client Korea Rail (KR) Network Authority
Contractor Hyundai E & C
Period February 18, 2020 ~ May 21, 2021
Project Information
  • Location

    Sindae-dong, Daewha-dong, Ojeong-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon-si


  • Description
    • Total L = 2,812m (Down line based)
    • Tunnel L = 1,450m
    • 1 Inclined Tunnel L = 137m



  • Technical Issues
    • High performance mechanical excavation suitable for granite with high quartz content (road header)
    • The shortest distance multi-purpose inclined tunnel in the railway site
    • Three-step settlement prevention system for existing railway