PROJECTSubway tunnels

Subway tunnels

Subway tunnelsSeoul Subway Line 9 (C921)
Category Basic & Detailed design
Client Seoul Metropolitan City Infrastructure Headquarters
Contractor Posco E & C
Period November 14, 2007 ~ January 31, 2008
Project Information
  • Location
    Olympic-ro 424, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea


  • Description
    • Total L = 1,730m
    • Tunnel L = 1,347m
    • Station L = 330m
    • Vent-Shaft L = 53m


  • Technical Issues
    • Design of tunnels in urban area (under the existing park and sports stadium) for reduction of noise and vibration impacts to prevent the complaints from citizens
    • Application of a Shield TBM method for watertight tunnel to minimize ground settlement of cultural heritage protection area
    • Design of a Shield TBM considering mixed complex ground conditions and a sharp curved (R = 300) tunnel alignment