PROJECTRailway tunnels

Railway tunnels

Railway tunnelsGreat Train Express (GTX) Samseong ~ Dongtan (C2)
Category T / K Basic design
Client Korea Rail (KR) Network Authority
Contractor Halla E & C
Period August 17, 2015 ~ March 31, 2016
Project Information
  • Location
     Irwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ~ Suseo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea


  • Description  
    • Total L = 2,958m     
    • Tunnel L = 2,793m           
    • Vertical shaft #1 H = 41m              
    • Vertical shaft #2 H = 40m


      • Technical Issues
        • Design of tunnel stations, vertical shafts and inclined tunnels considering linking with the existing stations and it’s transfer pathways
        • Design of auxiliary reinforcement methods for the stability of adjacent buildings and structures
        • Design of the safe tunneling by making a settlement influence map using risk analysis