PROJECTRailway tunnels

Railway tunnels

Railway tunnelsRailway Connection between Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 and 2
Category T / K Basic & Detailed design
Client Korea Rail (KR) Network Authority
Contractor Hyundai Development Company
Period June 18, 2012 ~ November 27, 2013
Project Information
  • Location
    Incheon International Airport Terminal 1 ~ Terminal 2, Korea


  • Description
      • Total L = 5,940
          • Shield TBM L = 1,150m
          • Cut-and-cover L = 2,681m
              • Ground improvement L = 838m

              •  Pipe jacking L = 1,271m


                • Technical Issues
                  • Design of the tunneling underneath the operating runway considering an ocean landfill site, deposited with clay and sand, and soft ground improvement methods previously applied in runway; Plastic Board Drain (PBD) and Preloading method
                  • The settlement risk management programs were developed to reduce the risk and to avoid damages to the airport operation by planning the TBM test drive and installing monitoring systems