OthersGoseong Hai Thermoelectric Power Plant (Unit1,2) Water Intake and Discharge Tunnel
Category BTL (Basic & Detailed Design)
Client Korea South-East Power Co. (KOEN)
Contractor KEPCO E & C
Period August 27, 2015 ~ December 31, 2020
Project Information
  • Location
    Hai-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea (nearby Samcheonpo Thermoelectric Power Plant)      


  • Description     
    • Intake Tunnel L = 770m
    • Land Vertical Shaft H = 22m, I.D = 16m
    • Marine Caisson H = 50m, I.D = 13m


  • Technical Issues
    • First application of a large diameter (D = 7.2m) shield TBM to the intake tunnel of the power plant in Korea
    • Design of EPB an (Earth Pressure Balance) shield TBM for difficult conditions such as shale / sandstone and the high groundwater pressure (max. 4~5bar)
    • Design of a large diameter shaft (onshore: in-situ concrete, offshore: caisson type considering the marine works)