'2020 Korea Environmental Awards' in the field of 'Environmental Safety'
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We, ESCO Consultant and Engineers Company (ESCO) was awarded the 'Korea Environmental Awards' at the '15th 2020 Korea Environmental Awards' which was hosted by the Korea Environment Awards committee of Environmental Media and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea on 10 June 2020.

This award was presented to organizations and individuals who have made efforts with environmentally friendly approaches in various sector, such as environmental management, education, culture, tourism, ecological restoration, recycling, energy saving and environmental safety.

ESCO won the award in the field of 'Environmental Safety' in recognition of its pioneering role and contributions through successful achievement in the newly launched Underground Safety field.


ESCO was registered as the first specialized organization of Seoul City (Reg. No.1) in the field of 'underground Safety Evaluation' and have the highest performance (more than 80 projects) of 'Underground Safety Impact Assessment'. Especially ESCO had successfully carried out various major projects of Underground Safety Evaluation such as the Global Business Center (GBC) and the Great Train Express - A line (GTX-A). We, ESCO will continue to contribute the engineering industry to preserve the environmental safety and play a leading role in sustainable value technology.

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